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Meet the St Catharines Candidate Nominees: It's A Race!

The Niagara Greens invite you to the 2019 St Catharines Green Party candidate nomination contest!

WHEN: Tuesday September 3rd 2019

TIME: 7PM-8 :30PM

WHERE: Russel Avenue Community Centre, 108 Russell Ave, St. Catharines, ON L2R 7N5

RSVP: email OR click here to RSVP on our Facebook page

Meet the Candidate Nominees:

The current vetted and approved candidates are listed below. Please note that as of August 25th 2019, a 3rd candidate is undergoing the vetting process and if this person is approved and passes vetting, will be added to the nomination roster.

Michael Bohunicky: Click here to read more

Who can vote at the nomination meeting:

Every member of the Party has the right to attend a Nomination Meeting and has the right to vote at that meeting if the member:

  • is present at the meeting;

  • has been a member of the Federal Green Party for at least 30 days or has renewed a lapsed membership prior to, or at, the Nomination Meeting.

  • is ordinarily a resident of the Electoral District;

  • and has not voted at another candidate selection meeting held for the same election (except when the results of any such meeting are declared invalid).


Your Niagara Greens

Facebook: niagaragreens

Twitter: niagaragreens

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