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Candidate Announcement - Niagara Centre

Michael Tomaino has been nominated to lead the Green Party in Niagara Centre for the 2019 Federal Election. Read more about Michael below, or by following this link.

Who Is Michael Tomaino?

Michael Tomaino grew up in Port Colborne, attended Notre Dame high school in Welland and graduated as a Pharmacist from the University of Toronto in 1991. After university, Michael returned to Niagara to raise a family, once again calling Port Colborne his home.

Candidate Values:

Across Canada, from BC to PEI, we’ve seen the Green Wave surge. This same momentum is happening locally in Niagara, as issues of economic stability, clean air, water and land are top of mind. Michael knows that climate change is a game-changer which threatens the quality of life of those living now and into the future.  The Green Party is the party that is uniquely positioned to govern as it recognizes the close link between the environment and humans: Our futures are inextricably linked!

Because of this, Michael also knows that the Green Party and its leaders are the precise game-changers we need to bring about change, creating lasting positive human and environmental outcomes. When elected MP, Michael Tomaino will focus on:

  • Increasing affordability and livability of towns and cities

  • Reducing poverty locally (and globally)

  • Reducing  our economic and ecological debt

  • National Pharmacare and Basic Dental Care

  • Restoring trust and respect with our Indigenous peoples

  • Powering our economy without burning fossil fuels

EMAIL: PHONE: 905-736-2043 FACEBOOK: michaeltomainoniagaracentregreenparty TWITTER: @michaelptomaino

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