Michael Bohunicky

About Michael

Born and raised in St. Catharines with strong family values, Michael is the youngest son of Slovak immigrants who have successfully operated a family real estate business, which he has helped to run.  With a strong work ethic, Michael has excelled scholastically throughout his academic career, earning a BA in Sociology (top 10%) from Brock University.  Michael’s study of society, coupled with his experience in the housing market has illuminated the numerous structural flaws that aggravate local social issues related to inadequate housing, poverty, criminality, mental illness, etc.  Michael’s love of the outdoors, his concern over environmental issues and the need for urgent legislative changes in order to improve present conditions to ensure a decent future, have prompted Michael to seek action by getting involved in politics.  Michael believes in giving back to the community and injustice fuels Michael’s desire to improve his community.  His formal education and knowledge fed by his passion for reading have provided the foundation for innovative ways to make his riding a better place for all residents.


Engagement History:

Michael has been an active member of the Canadian Slovak League and involved himself in the community by participating in the local Folk Arts Festival cultural event as the Ambassador for his club and then as Ambassador of the Year for the Multicultural Centre.  It is here that Michael connected with St. Catharines citizens through his charismatic public speaking.


Candidate Values:

Michael is extremely dissatisfied with political inertia, believing that POLITICS NEEDS TO CHANGE! Michael seeks to restore the fundamental tenets of democracy by embracing the Green agenda based on successful, scientifically proven social solutions that are consistent with the views of his fellow St. Catharines residents. Michael has been vegan for the past two years, is pursuing a zero-waste lifestyle and is committed to fighting for both human and animal welfare by preserving the health of the natural environment that we all call home.

Michael Bohunicky

Candidate Nomination Meeting

The Niagara Greens invite you to the 2019 St Catharines Green Party candidate nomination contest!

WHEN: Tuesday September 3rd 2019

TIME: 7PM-8 :30PM

WHERE: Russel Avenue Community Centre, 108 Russell Ave, St. Catharines, ON L2R 7N5 

RSVP: email info@niagaragreens.com OR click here to RSVP on our Facebook page



The current vetted and approved candidates are listed here. Please note that as of August 25th 2019, a 3rd candidate is undergoing the vetting process and if this person is approved and passes vetting, will be added to the nomination roster.

Niagara Greens

Travis Mason

About Travis

Travis Mason has lived in St. Catharines for most of his life. After fifteen years of studying and working across Canada and for a year in South Africa, he returned to his home to pursue a life outside of academia. Despite the giant conifers in British Columbia or the rugged coast of Nova Scotia, Niagara has always felt like home to him. Travis works as a Letter Carrier for Canada Post and enjoys spending time with his partner Shannon Duggan, her three wonderful children, and their two dogs adopted through Niagara Dog Rescue.


Engagement History:

His PhD from The University of British Columbia, and assistance from both the Andrew W. Mellon and Killam fellowships, led to a book about Canadian literature and the environment. He has participated in numerous conferences and taught many courses focused on the importance of putting the planet first in order to help and protect the rights of all inhabitants, human and other-than-human. He has written and taught about environmental ideas in literature while living in Vancouver, Halifax, Sackville, and Grahamstown (Makhana), South Africa.


Candidate Values:

The Niagara Region is often neglected federally, and the Green Party represents an opportunity to make our region noticed as we lead the way to a sustainable future for the country and the planet. Once involved in the Association of Literature, Environment, and Culture in Canada, Travis now looks to inspire change in the political landscape, whether focusing on renewable energy, ensuring our farmers can make a living, or redressing our history of colonialism with First Nations to move forward in solidarity. A lover of nature, particularly hiking, camping, and birding, Travis values the natural world and our place as part of it. Wherever he has lived, he has embraced and participated in local cultural activities and environmental initiatives as co-organizer or supporter, including fasting in solidarity with Theresa Spence and with the people of Zimbabwe. If we focus on the planet, we can help the people.

Travis Mason

St Catharines Candidate Nomination Meeti


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