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Candidate Announcement - St Catharines

Travis Mason has been nominated to lead the Green Party in St Catharines for the 2019 Federal Election. Read more about Travis below, or by following this link.

Who Is Travis Mason?

Travis Mason has lived in St. Catharines for most of his life. After fifteen years of studying and working across Canada and for a year in South Africa, he returned to his home to pursue a life outside of academia. Despite the giant conifers in British Columbia or the rugged coast of Nova Scotia, Niagara has always felt like home to him. Travis works as a Letter Carrier for Canada Post and enjoys spending time with his partner Shannon Duggan, her three wonderful children, and their two dogs adopted through Niagara Dog Rescue.

Candidate Values:

The Niagara Region is often neglected federally, and the Green Party represents an opportunity to make our region noticed as we lead the way to a sustainable future for the country and the planet. Once involved in the Association of Literature, Environment, and Culture in Canada, Travis now looks to inspire change in the political landscape, whether focusing on renewable energy, ensuring our farmers can make a living, or redressing our history of colonialism with First Nations to move forward in solidarity. A lover of nature, particularly hiking, camping, and birding, Travis values the natural world and our place as part of it. Wherever he has lived, he has embraced and participated in local cultural activities and environmental initiatives as co-organizer or supporter, including fasting in solidarity with Theresa Spence and with the people of Zimbabwe. If we focus on the planet, we can help the people.

Travis can be reached for riding, campaign and other related questions at:

EMAIL: PHONE: 905-550-5780 FACEBOOK: travismasonstcatharinesgreenparty

INSTAGRAM: tv_mason

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