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Candidate Announcement - Niagara West

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Terry Teather has been nominated to lead the Green Party of Niagara West in the 2019 Federal Election. Read more about Terry below, or by following this link.

Who Is Terry Teather?

Terry resides in Jordan Station, the heart of the Niagara Region’s fruit belt. He was born, lived and worked in St. Catharines as a social worker and administrator for the Regional government, subsequent to a move to the West Coast. Terry graduated from the University of Guelph and attained a Master’s degree at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia and had a lengthy career as a high school teacher and administrator in Surrey, B.C. In 2017 he was delighted to return to the rural roots of his childhood hometown where he lives with his wife Andria. They have a daughter Natalie who resides in Vancouver.

Candidate Values:

Throughout his career and his many volunteer roles, Terry has witnessed firsthand the power of young people and the influence they can wield. That is why he is an advocate for increasing the voting turnout of young adults and changing the current electoral system to better reflect the choices of all voters.

Canada can be an example and a leader to other countries by remaining committed to the Paris climate accord and our existing obligations. Terry and the Greens believe that an orderly and systematic reduction of fossil fuel dependence, retraining and providing incentives and resources for carbon reduction will support a responsible economic transition to a healthy and viable future.

EMAIL: PHONE: 289-696-5591 FACEBOOK: terryteatherniagarawestgreenparty TWITTER: @terry_teather

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